It’s True, I Wear Numerous Hats.
(It’s Just More Fun & Stimulating that Way).

As a Writer

I obsessively research and contemplate emerging trends at the intersection of culture, technology, and current affairs, and strive to break taboos and perturb the status quo. Read my debut book.

As an Artist & Speaker

I seek to convey important new ideas in entertaining and captivating ways that leave a lasting impact on audiences, provoke them to think, and inspire them to action. Invite me to speak.

As an Entrepreneur

I am the founder of AssertiveU Media Inc., a digital media and education company for aspiring literary storytellers, and the creator of the business storytelling framework, 10x Story™.

Featured In

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What Fellow Authors Say About Amir

“Through the lens of his own life, Nasr sheds light on a generation of revolutionary life-hackers poised to change the global conversation about religion and politics.”

– G. Willow Wilson, NY Times best-selling author of Marvel Comics’ Ms Marvel

“Amir is one of the most exciting and dynamic Muslim voices to come on the stage in years. Read [his] funny and enlightening book and find out why.”

– Reza Aslan, #1 NY Times best-selling author of Zealot & No god but God

“If you have any question of what technology can do for people trying to make change
from the bottom up, Amir’s life experiences will remove all doubt.”

– Christopher M. Schroeder, former CEO and Publisher of

About Amir

Described by The Economist as “puckish” (aka playfully mischievous), and by WIRED as a “formidable speaker,” Amir is a veteran digital activist turned writer, storyteller, artist, and trusted strategic advisor to fellow entrepreneurs and leaders who assertively stand for a greater cause, helping them expand their thinking and grow their results. If Aziz Ansari (comedian), Christopher Hitchens (polemicist), and Ayad Akhtar (playwright) had a love child, (don’t ask how), it’ll probably be him.

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About Amir’s Debut (Banned) Book

Reviewed prominently by the Wall Street Journal, and recommended by Foreign Policy magazine among 25 books to read in 2013, My Isl@m: How Fundamentalism Stole My Mind – And Doubt Freed My Soul (St. Martin’s Press, NY), is a searing coming of age memoir, and an inspirational read about a new generation of cultural disruptors hacking religion and politics.

“… an important and significant book, especially at this time in our history.” – Ken Wilber, philosopher and acclaimed author of A Brief History of Everything

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Invite Amir to Speak

If you’re looking for a memorable speaker who understands your needs as an event organizer, and delivers the results you desire, then look no further. Story-driven, engaging, and with a deep command over a room, Amir has shared his insights in front of diverse audiences including CEOs, former presidents, university students, startup entrepreneurs, book clubs, and more. Book him to speak at your event today.

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  • “… reflects a widespread trend with important political and cultural implications.”Foreign Policy
  • “… irreverent, nonchalant, open to fresh ideas.”The Wall Street Journal
  • “… a valuable and enjoyable read.”Publishers Weekly
  • “… formidable speaker.”WIRED UK
  • “… One of the most enlightened books about religion that I think I’ve ever read.”Brian Lehrer on WNYC

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